About 2,500 people work for the OSCE in five institutions and 13 field operations. There are tremendous opportunities – from field work in offices in South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia, to positions in the institutions in Vienna, The Hague, and Warsaw, through to administrative and managerial positions which keep the organisation ticking over every day.


River Hustad

Senior Legal Adviser, SEE and West Section OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Read more

Daniel Lezo

Senior Legal Officer OSCE Mission in Kosovo Read more

Martin Dexborg

Gender Adviser, Politico-Military Dimension OSCE Secretariat Read more

Valiant Richey

Special Representative and Co-ordinator for CTHB OSCE Secretariat Read more

Merdan Gochkarov

National Professional Officer OSCE Centre in Ashgabat Read more

Mira Xhamallati

National Border Management Officer, Police Assistance OSCE Presence in Albania Read more

Diana Digol

Deputy Head of Programme Office OSCE Programme Office in Astana Read more

Faduma Ali

Junior Professional Officer (JPO) OSCE Secretariat Read more

Tuula Yrjölä

Director, Conflict Prevention Centre OSCE Secretariat Read more

Alena Kupchyna

Co-ordinator, Activities to Address Transnational Threats OSCE Secretariat Read more

Tea Jaliashvili

Deputy Head of Programme Office in Dushanbe OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe Read more

Susan Frank

Acting Patrol Group Leader OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine Read more

Selma Zekovic

National Chief of P/CVERLT OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Read more

Malgorzata Twardowska

Deputy Director for Operations Services,CPC OSCE Secretariat Read more

Victoria Buchok

Chief, Fund Admnistration Unit OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe Read more

Why work for the OSCE?

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