Tea Jaliashvili is the Deputy Head of Officer at the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe ( OSCE/Leli Blagonravova )

Before Joining the OSCE, I was Deputy Director at the Women’s Information Center and was extensively engaged in strengthening civil society's capacities in protecting and advancing women’s rights along with supporting greater gender equality.  I truly believe that “women can, women act and women change” and this motto underpins every action of mine.

Prior to this, I worked for the UN, Council of Europe and EU joint initiatives in Western Balkan and South Caucasus Countries. Within the wider framework of achieving peace and a just society based on principles of good governance and rule of law, I participated in and contributed to legislative changes, policy and institutional developments, inter alia, strengthening and harmonising the work of Judiciary and National Human Rights Institutions.  I believe the OSCE is the right place to employ my skills and knowledge in meeting with evolving needs of beneficiaries.  

I joined the OSCE in 2020 in the capacity of the Deputy Head of the Programme Office in Dushanbe. My current job allows me to translate best practices and standards into eventual practical actions. Our work is based on a broad international network and collaboration with government and non-governmental counterparts along with Media, Academia, technical and resource partners. Our goal is to facilitate local ownership and implementation of OSCE principles and commitments.

I highly recommend the OSCE to any applicant interested in working in development and multilateral sectors. This is the right place if you aim at contributing to the peace and security agenda from a variety of contexts and diverse perspectives. It is a place where multi-cultural environment blends in harmony with universal values and principles.  So if you have a passion to be part of such unique setting and eager to make a difference, then join us!