The OSCE has a long standing commitment to ensuring gender mainstreaming in the organization. Gender mainstreaming reinforces the core values of the Organization, it is a requirement from our participating States and it is critical for our credibility as a standard setter.

As one component of Gender Mainstreaming and Equality, Gender Parity at all levels of staffing in the Organization is a priority. It aids Organizational delivery, including by leveraging diversity to foster innovation. Equal representation of women and men, and equal opportunity to contribute at all levels, is an expectation of staff, and potential staff, which the Organization must meet in order to attract and retain top talent.  

This page – “Women at the OSCE”  - has been launched by the Department of Human Resources (DHR) as part of its efforts to promote and achieve gender parity. These efforts, set out in the soon to be finalized Gender Parity Strategy, are a set of mutually reinforcing human resources measures which are being implemented across Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Performance, Leadership, Accountability  and Ensuring an Enabling Environment.

In order to attract more applications from women, particularly in target areas where they continue to be significantly underrepresented such as Senior Management levels and our Politico-Military dimension, the OSCE frequently conducts targeted campaigns and events to promote the OSCE as an employer of choice.