Types of Employment

Contracted positions

The OSCE offers fixed term contracts for positions at the Secretariat, Institutions and, to a limited extent and mainly in the area of administration, at its field operations.

Seconded positions

Positions in OSCE field operations are filled mainly by secondment, which means staff are nominated by an OSCE participating State.

Junior Professional Officer Programme

The OSCE offers a limited number of positions to young professionals who have recently completed their university degree to gain experience in the OSCE Secretariat, Institutions, and field operations.


The OSCE offers a limited number of places for interns which are filled subject to current needs and facilities of various departments.


The OSCE recruits consultants to provide advisory services and expert assistance on a short-term and ad-hoc basis.

Short-term positions

The OSCE offers short-term positions on an ad-hoc basis.

Experts/Young Diplomats Programme

The OSCE offers a limited number of four-month placements to expert/young diplomats who are nationals of the OSCE Asian and Mediterranean Partner for Co-operation States.  Interested applicants should have a university degree and some prior work experience in a diplomatic service, Ministry or another international/regional organization.

Other opportunities

More information regarding other opportunities within the OSCE and elsewhere is available here

Fields of Expertise

Administration and support

Administration and support work provides a variety of day-to-day specialized support services for the substantive activities of the organization and required to make a field activity operational.

Civilian police

International civilian police work within the OSCE involves assessing, monitoring, advising and mentoring the local civil police.


Democratization work may include strengthening civil society, political party development and promotion of good governance.

Economic and environmental affairs

Economic and environmental work in the OSCE context focuses on ways of identifying the risk to security arising from economic, social and environmental problems.


Education work aims at developing and implementing educational reform programmes in collaboration with local and international players.


Election work involves organizing, implementing and overseeing the full range of elections-related matters.

General staff / monitoring functions

General staff / monitoring functions in OSCE field activities take a variety of forms.

Human rights

Human rights work involves monitoring, investigating and reporting on the human rights situation, analyzing relevant laws and practices and intervening with national authorities to address human rights violations.

Media affairs

Media affairs in OSCE field activities provides press and public information as well as media development services.

Military affairs

Military affairs-related work involves among others monitoring certain military activities and gathering information on the military situation and developments in the mission area.

Political affairs

Political affairs work involves analyzing and reporting on issues relevant to the OSCE mission mandate in the host country.

Rule of law

Rule of law work aims at enhancing the administration of justice by training of judges, prosecutors