International contracted staff members are appointed by the OSCE on a direct contractual basis, hold an international post in the Secretariat or an Institution. Their salary is established with reference to the applicable net salary scales of the United Nations common system and paid corresponding to the personal grade and step. The salaries paid to international contracted staff members are subject to post adjustment in accordance with the International Civil Service Commission’s decision.

Official Holidays and Leave

There are nine OSCE official holidays in each calendar year. In recognition of the diversity of the OSCE area, an additional day off is granted to observe a national, religious or cultural event.

The annual leave entitlement constitutes two-and-a-half working days per month. In addition, supplementary leave days may be granted in acknowledgement of some specific circumstances, such as sickness, marriage, birth of a child, death of a close relative etc.

Once every two years of qualifying service, international fixed-term staff members are entitled to home leave travel. For purposes of travel and entitlements, 'home' is the place with which a staff member has the closest residential ties in his/her country of nationality. Travel cost for staff, their spouse and recognized dependant children are paid by the OSCE.

Social Security

Under the OSCE social security scheme, the following benefits are made available to contracted staff members:

  • Comprehensive health insurance for the staff member and eligible dependents;
  • Accidental Disability and Life insurance whilst on official duty;
  • Option for extended life and disability insurance;
  • Emergency medical evacuation insurance whilst on official duty travel to a field operation;
  • Provident Fund (in lieu of pension insurance).

Dependency benefits

Eligibility for the dependency rate of salary will be determined by the OSCE, subject to specific criteria. A dependency allowance is paid for a child under 18 years, or under 21 years if the child is in full-time attendance at an educational institution.

Appointment travel

The OSCE shall pay travel expenses (flight ticket and limited accompanied excess baggage) of international short-term or fixed-term contracted OSCE officials upon initial appointment. The travel expenses shall be paid either from the physical place of residence immediately preceding the appointment or from the place of home leave.

Installation grant

An installation grant is payable to new international staff for the purpose of assisting with expenses incurred for the relocation to a duty station at the beginning of their employment. The installation grant is set as the equivalent of the daily subsistence allowance applicable to the duty station and fifty per cent of that amount for each eligible dependent, and is paid for a period of thirty days after arrival at the duty station.

Removal of household goods

Expenses for removal of household goods shall be covered by the OSCE upon initial appointment, change of duty station and separation of international fixed-term contracted staff members.

Rental subsidy

The rental subsidy shall be payable to international fixed-term contracted staff members who are not nationals or permanent residents of the country of the duty station and who rent their dwelling.

Education grant

The education allowance represents 75 percent of schooling costs actually incurred, in the limits of the maximum education grant set by the United Nations for the respective duty station. The grant is payable to eligible international fixed-term contracted staff members, up to and including the day on which a child ceases full-time attendance at an educational institution, or completes four years of post-secondary studies. The grant will not be paid beyond the educational year in which a child reaches the age of 25.

Repatriation grant

The OSCE pays a repatriation grant to international fixed-term contracted staff members in respect of themselves and their eligible dependents upon separation from service. The repatriation grant shall be payable to international fixed-term contracted staff members who have completed one year of continuous service outside the country of his/her place of home leave.

Separation travel

The OSCE shall pay travel expenses of International short-term or fixed-term contracted OSCE Officials upon separation. For the international contracted officials separating the organization, the travel expenses shall be paid from their duty station to their place of home leave or to any other place as authorized by the Secretary General provided that the costs are not higher than those which would have been incurred for travel from duty station to place of home leave.