General Service staff members are appointed by the OSCE on a direct contractual basis, hold a local general service post in the Secretariat or an Institution, and have their salary established with reference to the applicable net salary scales of the United Nations common system and paid corresponding to the personal grade and step. Period of employment in local general service posts is not included in the calculation of maximum period of service.

Official Holidays and Leave

There are nine OSCE official holidays in each calendar year. In recognition of the diversity of the OSCE area, an additional day off is granted to observe a national, religious or cultural event.

The annual leave entitlement constitutes two-and-a-half working days per month. On top of that, supplementary leave days may be granted in acknowledgement of some specific circumstances, such as sickness, marriage, birth of a child, death of a close relative etc.

Social Security

Under the OSCE social security scheme, the following benefits are made available to contracted staff members:


Overtime compensation

Applies only to the OSCE staff in the General Service category, and can be made either through compensatory time off or, subject to availability of funds, additional payment.

Spouse allowance

A spouse allowance is payable when a spouse’s gross occupational earnings, if any, do not exceed the lowest entry of the United Nations General Service gross salary scales.

Child allowance

A child allowance is paid per child under the age of eighteen years or if the child is in full attendance at an educational institution, under the age of twenty-one.

  • Health insurance;
  • Accidental Disability and Life insurance whilst on official duty;
  • Emergency medical evacuation insurance whilst on official duty;
  • Provident Fund (in lieu of pension insurance).