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Senior Planning Officer


You can not apply to this vacancy anymore.
Sorry, the application deadline for this vacancy has expired.

Archived vacancy details

Issued by
OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine
Vacancy number
Vacancy type
International Seconded
Field of expertise
General Staff / Monitoring Functions
Functional level
Middle management
Number of posts
Duty station
Date of issue


General Minimum Requirements

The general minimum requirements for working with the OSCE are:

  • Excellent physical condition
  • Possession of a valid automobile driving license and ability to drive using manual transmission
  • Ability to cope with physical hardship and willingness to work extra hours and in an environment with limited infrastructure
Field of Expertise Requirements

The general minimum requirements for working in this field of expertise are:

  • Demonstrable organizational skills
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Demonstrable interpersonal skills and documented experience in negotiations
  • Depending on the field activity's mandate, significant prior experience in relevant fields such as international customs practices and procedures, law enforcement, and military observations and arms control may also be required
  • Negotiating experience, preferably in the area of monitoring operations and/or related activities
Level of Professional Competence Requirements

Furthermore, this level of responsibility requires the following:


Advanced education/certified training course in a relevant field desirable


Minimum 6 years of relevant, diversified and progressively responsible professional experience including at least 3 years at the management level relevant to the actual position

Mission Specific Requirements

Additionally, this particular post has specific requirements:


  • University degree in international relations, political science, journalism or related field or graduate of a national military or police academy at officer level
  • Experience in developing and implementing operational, logistics and administrative plans
  • Ability to brief complex plans comprehensively, accurately and coherently
  • Demonstrated excellent organizational and analytical skills
  • Physically and mentally fit and able to work for extensive periods in challenging, remote and potentially hazardous environments
  • Demonstrated gender awareness and sensitivity, and ability to integrate a gender perspective into tasks and activities
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with people of different national and cultural backgrounds, whilst maintaining impartiality and objectivity
  • Professional fluency in the English language, both oral and written with strong briefing and drafting skills
  • Ability to operate Windows applications, including including word processing and email
  • Flexibility and adaptability


  • Prior experience with a national foreign service, national military or police service and previous field service with the OSCE or with another international and multi-national organization
  • Knowledge of the Ukrainian and/or Russian language
Tasks and Responsibilities

This post is a short-term temporary secondment with a duration of four weeks.

Selection of candidates is ongoing and selected candidates can be deployed prior to the deadline.

Under the supervision of the Deputy Chief Monitor, and as part of a wider Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine's (SMMU) operational planning group, the Senior Planning Officer is responsible for producing the overall SMMU expansion plan as well as planning the establishment of the respective monitoring bases (MB) and logistic hubs within that overall plan. The incumbent is responsible for producing contingency plans in case the security situation in eastern Ukraine precludes a fully expanded SMMU presence there. This involves working closely with the SMMU Headquarters's (HQ) Senior Management Team, Operations and Security Team, and Chief of Fund Administration (CFA) in developing the requirements and planning the implemention as appropriate. The Senior Planning Officer will bring extensive experience of operating in potentially hostile and fragile environments, whilst supporting deployed staff in a dynamic, operationally focused environment. In particular, the incumbent will have extensive experience of operational planning and briefing operational matters to senior management, staff, and other parties in a concise, coherent and effective manner. The Senior Planning Officer:

  1. Provides advice to Mission components in the development of plans, ensuring coherence with the Mission's overall strategic direction;
  2. Provides advice to senior management and programme managers on strategic and operational planning policy, procedures and best practices, in line with the Staff Rules and Regulations;
  3. Provides recommendations on the design of specific mechanisms, in line with policy and best practice, to meet the needs of the Mission and partners;
  4. Prepares Mission-wide and MB establishment plans, covering, inter alia, operational support, deployments, personal security (in co-ordination with SMMU regional security advisers), logistics and administration;
  5. Liaises with relevant Departments in the SMMU HQs to determine all necessary operational and logistics support requirements to establish the MB/Logistics Hubs;
  6. Determines the communications and IT support plan for the establishment of the MB;
  7. Completes a training needs analysis and assists with the development of training plans and programmes for the expansion of the Mission;
  8. Deploys temporarily to the MBs and logistic hubs to plan their expansion (or establishment in case of new MB or logistic hub) which should cover, inter alia, all necessary infrastructure, human resources and real life support for receiving monitors;
  9. Acts as the primary point of contact between the MB and HQ SMMU for expansion planning;
  10. Prepares and delivers briefings and reports on the establishment of the MB/Logistics Hub;
  11. Establishes points of contact with the national and local authorities and agencies as necessary to fulfil planning work;
  12. Ensures adequate/effective communications systems are established to monitor personnel and to communicate operational and emergency information as required;
  13. Performs other duties as required.



The OSCE is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages the nomination of qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious, ethnic and social backgrounds.

Candidates should, prior to applying, verify with their respective nominating authority to which extent financial remuneration and/or benefit packages will be offered.

Please apply to your relevant authorities several days prior to the deadline expiration to ensure timely processing of your application. Delayed nominations will not be considered.




You can not apply to this vacancy anymore.
Sorry, the application deadline for this vacancy has expired.