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Pool of translators for 5200221 project activities (Annex I)


You can not apply to this vacancy anymore.
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Archived vacancy details

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OSCE Centre in Ashgabat
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Translators, Interpreters, Conference Services
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This project results from initial pilot projects conducted at the Turkmen-Afghan border in 2009, as well as from discussions between the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat, OSCE Secretariat and the authorities of Turkmenistan in March 2010 in Ashgabat. The project is meant to address threats emanating from Afghanistan in the context of the 2014 drawdown of international forces from Afghanistan.

The objective of this project is to strengthen the capacities of the State Border Service of Turkmenistan to patrol its State borders through the use of innovative patrolling, surveillance and other border security methods and techniques. This will be achieved by delivering various training activities in green border areas along Turkmenistan’s international borders with Afghanistan. The project will enhance the capacity of the State Border Service of Turkmenistan, with possible engagement of the Border Police of Afghanistan, to detect and interdict illegal cross border movement through the use of improved human surveillance and the provision of associated technical and operational equipment. The government of Turkmenistan will determine the exact number and location of the project’s training sites.

To this end, the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat will deliver a series of specific training courses for conditions for servicemen of the State Border Service of Turkmenistan, and potentially, pending the consent of the relevant Afghan and Turkmen authorities, for the officers of Border Police Afghanistan. To complement the practical training the project aims to procure, use and donate technical and operational equipment and outfit to the participating services. 




Tasks and Responsibilities








The incumbent will work under the guidance of Project Manager. The work will include the following tasks:

1) Providing simultaneous , consecutive and written translation services during the courses in indoor and outdoor conditions in various locations within Turkmenistan.

2) Other duties as assigned.




Necessary Qualifications








• Five years of translation/interpreter experience;

• Availability of (i) an authorization for making written and/ or oral translation/ interpretation (‘patent’ under code no. 74.30) issued by a local office of the Main State Tax Service of Turkmenistan in case of the incumbent acting as an individual entrepreneur, or (ii) a reference to translation/ interpretation activities in a legal entity’s charter and/ or other constituent documents in case of the incumbent acting as a representative of such a legal entity;

• Good knowledge of topic vocabulary, including terminology related to military, border management, border surveillance , land and maritime patrolling  as well as terminology used in Alpine Trainings   

• Basic computer skills;

• Ability to work in multicultural environment.

• Ability and willingness to work as a team member with people of different cultural and religious backgrounds and diverse political views.

• Excellent physical condition.

• Ability to cope with physical hardship and willingness to work extra hours and in an environment with limited infrastructure.

List of planned trainings under ExB project “Strengthening Border Guards Capacities in Turkmenistan” for 2017-2018. List of activities given below is not exhaustive one and it may include other trainings activities of shorter or longer duration depending on specific needs of the project beneficiaries.


# Training description Planned Dates Required language 

1 8 cycles of 21-days Patrol training   English-Turkmen/Russian-English

2 6 cycles of 14-days Alpine training  English-Turkmen/Russian-English

3 4 cycles of 6-days Border Security (Maritime, Road/Rail/Air) training  English-Turkmen/Russian-English

4 2 cycles of 2-days K9 Enhancing Dog Training  English-Turkmen/Russian-English

5 4 cycles of 6-days Medical training  English-Turkmen/Russian-English

6 8 cycles of 10-days trainings for Afghan and Turkmen Border Services  English-Turkmen/Russian-English, knowledge of Dari/Pushto would be an asset 

7 Two roundtables devoted to discussing the achievement of the project   English-Turkmen/Russian-English

8 Two capacity building events for the teaching staff of the Institute of the State Border Service of Turkmenistan on modern curriculum, adult teaching techniques using Information and Communication Technologies    English-Turkmen/Russian-English







Required competencies








Core values

  • Commitment: Actively contributes to achieving organizational goals
  • Diversity: Respects others and values their diverse perspectives and contributions
  • Integrity: Acts in a manner consistent with the Organization’s core values and organizational principles
  • Accountability: Takes responsibility for own action and delegated work



Core competencies

  • Communication: Actively works to achieve clear and transparent communication with colleagues and with stakeholders of the Organization
  • Collaboration: Works effectively with others on common goals and fosters a positive, trust-based working environment
  • Planning: Works towards the achievement of goals in a structured and measured manner
  • Analysis and decision-making: Analyses available information, draws well-founded conclusions and takes appropriate decisions
  • Initiative-taking: Proposes and initiates new ideas, activities and projects
  • Flexibility: Responds positively and effectively to changing circumstances



Managerial competencies (for positions with managerial responsibilities)

  • Leadership: Provides a clear sense of direction, builds trust and creates an enabling environment
  • Strategic thinking: Identifies goals that advance the organizational agenda and develops plans for achieving them
  • Managing performance: Helps to maximize team performance by providing active feedback and skill development opportunities




Remuneration Package








Remuneration depends on the complexity and duration of each training cycle, including the preparation and reporting stage, and is to be calculated within the limits set forth in the scale of pay rates for translation/ interpretation services that might be (re-)approved, from time to time, by the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat. The suggested contract period of 6 months (not exceeding 120 working days) is due to the fluctuating nature of trainings start dates. The fee is paid based on the evaluation provided by the project manager and invoice set forth by the consultant per working days/month. The fee shall be paid only in non-cash form by banking transfer in foreign currency (or national currency, amount of which is to be calculated at the OSCE exchange rate applicable on the day of payment) to (i) an entrepreneurial account of the incumbent in a Turkmen bank in case of the incumbent acting as an individual entrepreneur, or (ii) a banking account of a legal entity in a Turkmen bank in case of the incumbent acting as a representative of such a legal entity. Total amount of days worked shall not exceed 120 working days per calendar year. 




How To Apply








Please note that this vacancy is open only for competition of Turkmenistan citizens.

Please note the OSCE is an equal opportunity employer, female candidates are encourage to apply.



You can not apply to this vacancy anymore.
Sorry, the application deadline for this vacancy has expired.